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Pressure Tank

Well Mate® water system pressure tanks are molded of seamless engineered plastic and wound with fiberglass roving and epoxy resin. Well Mate tanks provide all the strength and performance of steel tanks without any of the drawbacks. They are impervious to rust and corrosion. There is no paint to chip or peel. Wel lMate tanks are light weight for easy handling and installation, and their unique air cell design eliminates water logging problems.

The inner shell is blow-molded of high density polyethylene. The outer shell is filament wound with fiberglass roving and epoxy resin. The air cell is made of heavy-gauge polyurethane, secured at both ends. The bottom drain assembly is custom injection molded of high impact PVC. All construction materials are NSF and/or FDA approved. All tanks include PVC discharge nipple with male threads. Replaceable bag. Available in underground models.

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